Our cockpit covers are snug fitting snap on covers that protect the cockpit/open bow spaces of your boat.  The snap on covers fasten into place for a tight fit to keep debris and other weather elements out. They are custom crafted for your specific application, giving a sleek look while protecting your boat’s interior. They are a simple and lightweight means of covering your boat while trailering and mooring on the water.

Each cockpit and open bow cover is equipped with a support pole allowing the cover to be installed easily, then elevated and tensioned from the center to help rain and debris roll off the boat.  These covers are not recommended for high speed trailering and long term storage in the winter time.

Our Custom Canvas Cockpit and Bow Covers offer the following benefits:

  • Added covered storage in the bow area

  • Protection from rain, debris and other weather elements

  • Provide enhanced look to your boat

  • Simple, lightweight and easy to install and remove

  • Provide aerodynamics when towing

custom boat covers tahoe