Our waterline covers are built exactly the same as our mooring covers with one exception.  The sides of the cover extend all the way to the water providing full protection for both the topsides and hull of your boat.  The sun can do incredible damage to exposed fiberglass especially when reflected off the water surface.  Our Waterline Covers provide protection of your varnish, paint or gelcoat to keep it looking clean and vibrant throughout the season.  Each waterline cover is designed and manufactured for your specific application.  Most utilize an internal bungee system to wrap around the bow and stern along with cleat tie-downs to ensure the cover stays with the boat through every storm.  In some cases snaps or other attachments may be necessary for solid attachment.


Protect your investment year round!

A shrink wrap only protects your investment for the offseason. A well fit storage cover has a greater upfront cost than shrink wrapping your boat, but in just 3-5 years you’ll start seeing the savings. Furthermore, you can expect a quality storage cover to protect your investment for many more years to come. With a good fit and high-quality fabric, you can expect a minimum of 10 years in the harshest environments or up to 20 plus years in more mild climates of 24/7 year-round protection.


We also build custom winter covers for sailboats as they can be difficult and costly to move out of the Tahoe Basin to warmer climates.  We can assist you in a designing a superstructure for your cover and will custom fit to that framework.  We do our best to enable the cover to shed snow for minimal maintenance during the winter months.  Winter covers can be costly, but they are worth the investment when compared to the alternative of boat transport or poor protection from snow and ice over the winter.