Our Mooring Covers are custom made to fit your boat and are the perfect answer to year-round sun and weather protection for the entire topside.  These covers have been proven for nearly 60 years on Lake Tahoe, so they actually work.  Each cover is cut to fit around your tower or bimini, if necessary, and is reinforced wherever it may tend to wear through or chafe.  Our standard Mooring Cover is built to fit snug and finishes approximately 9” below the rub rail. 

After years of trial and error, West Shore Canvas has developed a unique way to fasten our mooring covers to your boat, while still making them easy to install and remove while on the water.   We use a short bungee strap from the cover with a tab installed at the end with a snap.  This is attached to a snap in the hull, providing a solid connection to the boat and tensioning the cover at the same time.  There is nothing worse than rowing out to your boat on a buoy only to find that your cover is on the bottom of the lake.  We pride ourselves on making sure this does not happen!

custom boat covers tahoe