Snap-in Carpet

If your boat is set up for snap-in carpet, or you want to install snap in carpet in a boat that has never had carpeting, we can help you with that, too! WSC works closely with Corinthian Marine Carpet to make sure you have a variety of color and style options to choose from.  We can use your old carpets as a template, or create a custom pattern for your new carpeting.  We will utilize existing snaps or install snaps as necessary to secure your new carpeting.  With options ranging from traditional Pile or Berber carpeting to the clean modern look of Aquamat Weaves, there is something for everyone.  Snap-in carpet is a breeze to clean or even replace if you feel like a new season on the open water means it’s time for a new color scheme. We use the same expert care and precision on all our projects and snap-in carpet is no different.